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Giclée Printing 101

First off, how do you pronounce Giclée?

The easiest way to pronounce it is /zhee-KLAY/ .

What is Giclée?

The name was originally coined in 1991 by Jack Duganne to refer to fine art digital prints made on inkjet printers.  It is used by artists and galleries to mean high-quality, museum grade fine art prints.

Can any print be called a Giclée?

Of course not.  Though Giclée prints are inkjet prints, NOT all inkjet prints can be called Giclée prints.  Giclée prints mean prints that are of very high quality and have longer lifespan than normal inkjet prints.  Originally, they refer to digital reproductions of actual paintings or drawings, or photographs.  But today, works of art produced in digital applications like digital paintings could also be produced into a Giclée print.


So what could make a print pass as a Giclée print?

Many printers will tell you that they will give you high quality prints, but there are basic things to look for to ensure that you are getting a true Giclée print.

  • RESOLUTION – the minimum resolution for a Giclée print should be at least 300 dpi.
  • PAPER – Make sure that the paper used for your Giclée prints are of archival quality, meaning, they should last for years and years to come.  
  • INK & PRINTER – Finally, the true quality of a Giclée print is the type of printer and ink used.  A Giclée print does NOT use dye, solvent, UV or any other cheaper inks.  Giclée prints are typically printed using pigment inks because they last up to more than 100 years WITHOUT FADING.  The printer used is usually a large format pigment printer that has at least EIGHT (8) different color cartridges.  The more inks, the wider the color gamut will be and the more vivid the output is.


Print Vault’s business is based on catering to photographers and artists.  We work on producing your artworks in paper the way they deserve to be showcased. 

We use original and branded archival papers that are acid free and will last for decades. Some of the papers that we use are Epson Signature-Worthy series, InnovaArt, and Hahnemühle: brands that are known for producing the finest of artworks in archival quality.

We use State of the Art printing technologies with 11 color pigment printers to achieve the maximum color accuracy and produce prints that are guaranteed to last for centuries without significant fading.


We are a trusted partner for Photographers and Artists.

We print art for photo and art exhibitions, competitions, and auctions.

Featured Artist: Des Spencer @
Featured Artist: Des Spencer @

If you’re an artist or a photographer, you may now offer your masterpieces for showcasing in art exhibitions or selling in auctions.  You may also offer them “ON DEMAND” basis on your online shops.  Print Vault will take care of printing your artworks, with optional services of framing and delivery.

With Print Vault, you are assured of the highest printing quality, widest color gamut, maximum color accuracy, and longest fade-proof guarantee.